The Winter Blues Turn Bordeaux

It’s 2017 and let’s be real, the weather changes more than the Kardashian’s hair. That’s why in today’s look, we are taking control of our outfit when it comes to persnickety weather. No matter if you are on date night, walking downtown, or running errands, this ensemble can be tweaked to fit anyone’s taste.

Definitely one of my favorite go-to’s this winter has been a midi skirt. Once I laid eyes on this one, I couldn’t give it up. The corduroy bordeaux skirt is embellished with hardware-like buttons that give the skirt a rustic feel. I counter this warm look with a crisp white blouse decorated in a crocheted pattern along the neckline and down the tops of the arms.

With a high of 70, I decided to ditch the ankle boots and tights, and pair the outfit with timeless suede pointed tie-up flats.

I then finished off the outfit with some small touches of brown and gold jewelry; a stone wire wrapped ring, quaint gold dangle earrings and brown speckled glasses. These small, but vital details put the icing on the cake for this elegant, yet simple, set.

I found this skirt at my local Anthropologie last week, but they seem to have sold out. Don’t worry though, I’ve linked a similar Bordeaux Skirt! Any simple white blouse would complete this outfit, however, I would stray away from button ups. Here is a Plain Long Sleeve Blouse as well as this Bell Sleeved Key Whole Top. Any cute, Brown Flats or Brown Cutout Booties will do the trick. However, if you want to add some flare and color, then pair these beautiful Jeffrey Campbell for Anthropologie Boots for a show stopping strut!

If you’re looking for a more relaxed look for taking a stroll downtown, running errands, or just for shi… I’ll let you finish that one, switch the flats out for some of your favorite sneakers! Like every other obsessed million 18-25 year olds, I chose the notorious Black and White Adidas (the ones I linked are RADDER, click to find out why.)  A short sleeve color coordinating bodysuit (favorite kind of all time) layered with a silk embroidered eye of the tiger bomber jacket (similar jacket) couldn’t have made this combo more rad.

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