If the Skirt Fits, Buy it in Every Color

Alright, so I know I told you all how obsessed I was with the bordeaux corduroy skirt a few posts back, but I couldn’t pass up this  midnight blue one either. I also take the saying “If the shoe fits, buy it in every color,” too literally, and not just with shoes…


Believe it or not, Florida decided to cool down for a few days, allowing me to break out my tights and denim jacket that have been collecting dust in the depths of my closet. These tights are Style Shark approved for many reasons. Example A: I was walking into work a few years ago, two grande coffees in my hands, a purse on my shoulder, and some folders wedged under my arm snuggled tight against my side, when mother nature decides to trip me while walking up a flight of stairs. I’m sure you can imagine the five seconds of horror running through my brain. First of all the $12 I spent on those coffees was wasted, my files were covered in said coffee, and I’m about to rip my tights and skin my knee. Well everything above happened, except my tights ripping. I had a bloody knee, yet my tights were still in one piece. I couldn’t believe it, so I’m sharing the link to these must have Control Top Tights with you all. 

I have the biggest fetish with corduroy. Pants, skirts, shorts, dresses, you name it, I probably own it. I love how it adds texture to any outfit and is stretchy by default. This Kendall and Kylie skirt was a loner on the shelves at my local Pacsun, but I fell in love with this Urban Outfitters Corduroy Skirt look-alike, THAT HAS POCKETS! I’ve also linked up this Dark Blue Scalloped Corduroy Skirt that may find its way into my closet very soon.

This Striped Off-the-Shoulder Sweater (over 50% off) helped bring together the tights and Patented Black Chain Ankle Boots (also on MAJOR sale right now). I have to brag on these boots, I am very hesitant buying shoes online, especially when the price seems to good to be true. These boots are a perfect fit and made of much better quality than expected. They are from ASOS, my favorite store second to T.J. Maxx, and they exceeded my expectations. They were also so comfortable and easy to walk in. To give this look a more casual feel I finished it off with a medium wash denim jacket (linked simlar).


Thanks for reading!

xx, Sav

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