Red, White and Black

It seems we have a trend of clothes being resurrected and making a striking come back in modern fashion. I wasn’t a fan of bell bottoms when my mom forced me to wear them in elementary school, however, I couldn’t be more of a fan now. These have to be my favorite pair for a few reasons. Reason one, they are stretchy but fit like a glove all at the same time. Reason two, are high-waisted, even the more reason to love them; these pants suck me in from all sides! I’ve also had them for over a year and the wash has barely faded. These jeans are luckily half off right now at J.Crew Factory, so snag them while you can.

So, I’ve continued to do some more Valentine’s themed colors in this post. I love the way black, white and red go together so harmoniously. This nylon and spandex blend striped bodysuit is definitely worth its cost. I purchased it from Free People and have worn it about a dozen times this winter. Similar to the pants, it sucks you in enough you don’t even need to wear a bra 🙂 Seriously though, I know how many of you are cheering on the inside. Plus, its scooped back shows just the right amount of skin. I rolled the sleeves over the end of my red blazer and slid on this double buckle belt to add some details to the ensemble!

I put on some heeled clogs and this outfit truly made me feel like I was the queen of hearts.

Thanks for reading ❤

xx, Sav


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